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JKD REAL corp. – member of JKD GROUP
JKD Real corporation occupies development market since 2000. Primary scope of activities of JKD Real corp. is consultancy and counseling, residential and commercial development and all related activities such as engineering and technical inspection of project investor in the area of modernization and investment in residential, administrative and commercial projects. With regard to demand for residential and commercial projects from the side of domestic and foreign investors we offer our services in investigation and realization of projects. This takes place not only in Czech Republic, but also in Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia where the subsidiaries are established.

Counseling and consultant activity of enterprise, financial, organizational and economic advisors is aimed at section of business and development projects of residential and commercial constructions. We also maintain consultant and counseling activity as technical advisors in building and architectural section, engineering, metallurgy and power supply, chemistry, food-processing industry, agriculture and forestry.

Development agency considers investigation and acquisition of property available for residential or commercial construction, provision of designing according to investor’s assignment, conducting analyses and optimization of project from the perspective of future functioning and provision of financial supply for project.

In terms of engineering activity we also provide economic evaluation of projects, scale code alteration for area utilization, alterations for land-use planning, further activities leading to issuing urban permit and construction permit, selection of construction supplier, advertisement of object, sale and lease of available space.

Technical inspection is provided for the investor during realization until the phase of final building approval. This includes coordination of suppliers of architectonic, technical and construction works, representation of investor and building inspection.

barevná lišta
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